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Graphic Design, Mobile App, UX

We are proud to be able to support the global IT department at ROCHE


The IT department is responsible for providing innovative solutions in the field of building and maintenance of IT systems for branches all around the globe. Communication and management inside a large company requires a specific approach, which is why we have been creating tools to aid that for years.


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The main area of co-operation is user experience-oriented optimalization and graphic interface design for consecutive implementations. In our work, we focus not only on high-end aesthetics, but also on functionality and ease of use, with great emphasis on friendly UI.

+10 Web Tools

We deliver web solutions, that facilitate work for employees of various positions. Regardles whether we are working on a small site or an advanced portal, we always try our best to make out the most of user experience.

Thanks to cooperation with the best specialists in the area of user-oriented design, we are able to deliver simple, modern and transparent solutions. Being up to date with latest technology and UX solutions enables us to create projects that adhere to the highest standard.


Good communication is crucial in an environment consisting of specialists in different areas. The information exchange process has to be transparent for both sides, and the message has to be well-formulated. We can take care, of delivering a given content to an adequate amount of people, without losing the message. In order to do that, we use mailing tools, that make it convenient to investigate into communication effectiveness.

If communication requires more engagement from users, we can focus their attention and create an interaction. We create social apps, and event apps that are based on gamification or employ ist elements.

Take a look at one of these projects:



If a project requires such actions, and the client's programmers are occupied by other innovative tasks, we are always willing to help with developer support. Our team supports the whole cycle of software production - starting with analysis and reqiurement delineation, through design and implementation, ending at evolution of finished software.

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