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Graphic Design, Mobile App, UX

A corporate event does not have to always look the same. Let us make it more fun.

Our goal


In 2014 one of our clients asked us to design a mobile app, that would be the main tool for integrating participants during an event.

Apart from accessing basic functions like agenda, event info, or directions, the app contained an array of unconventional solutions that, apart from bringing a lot of joy, enabled the participants to be imporant links - integral parts for the whole event, not just guests.


Use of gamification was one of the basic premises for the app. There were competitions,  quizes and the so called. FREE PLAY,  that employed smartphones as main tools.

Participants have been rewarded for making new acquaintances, solving a task, or finding an information that was difficult to get to. They collected points via QR code scanning, so we decided, that this functionality should be available immediately on every screen. Also, the function of sharing your business card with a QR code had to be accessible with a single tap.


The "players" had the posibility to monitor their progress and checking who had the highest score at a given time of the event. The user profiles abounded in easily accessed statistics, rankings, lists of people met, and most important aims.

From the aesthetic point of view, we have designed an app that employs highly contrasting elements on a bright background. This is why the most important functionalities did not get lost in a flurry of available information.


The app enjoyed a lot of popularity, and thanks to great ideas which it incorporated, the event will be long-remembered by many participants. Of course, all this would not be possible if not for great event management on behalf of our client, and a great IT team, which kept watch over the app's functioning.

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