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Car Bone

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How can a niche brand reach a narrow group of customers?



It all began with love… for Porsches. Sketches, first projects, first cars. A couple of years later the first 911 SC appeard. This is how the venture began, nd within a couple of months it evolved from a small project into a serious business. Work on a single car was just a start for noticing a serious business potential.

From the beginning we knew, that CarBone would be strong – strenghtened by its customers passion for cars. Direct contact with the staff, the webshop, and customizability of each order were what made the brand successful on western and far-eastern markets.

Products and services offered by CarBone, will only interest a narrow group of customers. So where did success come from? The reason is a well-thought-out concept, a small but loyal and engaged group of customers is more valuable to the brand (also business) than thousands of anonymous shoppers buying single products.

Visual strategy


Brand's identity is based on what is most important in the brand, passion for cars. Porsche aesthetics of 70' and 80' was the way to go considering look&feel and general atmosphere. As a result. n unique photography session promoting a work apron for classic motoring enthusiasts took place.

One of the strategy aspects was determining the way Carbone wanted to communicate. Carbone is a young, direct brand, so are its clients, That is why it was important to arise where they are.
Reaching such a narrow group of clients was only possible by participating in their everyday life, beeing a part of their passion on internet forums, facebook. A direct contact on live chats, skype, readiness to advice and help, suggest solution determined the succes in the first few months.




Carbone website was designed based on the Responsive Web Design Approach, making it accessible on all the platforms and devices – such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Very soon after that Carbone online shop supported by Wordpress and WooCommerce was brought to life, Those platforms, having a 10% market share of all online shops 10% guaranteed a short and relatively cheap implementation. 2 - million downloads only in  2014.

In Resume


"Smart ideas are good ideas, not only for start-ups with a limited budget" Paweł Kalinowski, Car Bone co-owner

Carbone is clear evidence of the fact, that passion together with a clever startegy can only drive to success.


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